Reporter fails to understand how car ice scraper works

We know exactly why this newscaster does not speak the language of ice scrapers – why the implement is so alien to her, in fact, that she doesn’t even know where to use it. It’s because she grew up in San Francisco and Sacramento, CA, where mention of an ice scraper is liable to make someone say, “I love fancy cocktails.” This is just a theory, but it’s possible she’s never even seen an ice scraper in the wild, much less needed to demonstrate one.

This reporter moved from a reporting job in Los Angeles to KREM 2 News in Spokane, WA just last summer, making these months right now her first real winter. And that is how she got an on-air lesson in the esoteric mysteries the plastic stick with a brush at one end and a… thing… at the other. Check out the video above for another example of what happens when Californians discover weather.

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