Rolls-Royce microbots could be working on your engine in no time

Rolls-Royce and Harvard University are teaming up to create microbots for engine maintenance on aircrafts. SWARM robots will enter the engine with the help of a snake robot and inspect the engine from the inside without removing parts of the engine.

Transcript: These are the world’s smallest mechanics. ‘SWARM’ microbots from Rolls-Royce give us a look at the future of engine repair. Rolls-Royce teamed up with Harvard University to create these quadrupedal micro robots. The SWARM robots are designed to revolutionize engine maintenance on aircrafts. The size of the microbots allows them to get inside the engine and eliminates the need to remove it. The SWARM concept has 4 legs and it can move horizontally and vertically. SWARM is still in development. Rolls-Royce plans on making these tiny bots even smaller. Each microbot will have a small camera that sends a live video feed back to the operator. SWARM bots will eventually measure 10mm in diameter and will enter the engine with the help of a snake robot. Rolls-Royce says that the rapid inspection of these microbots will eventually reduce the cost of engine maintenance. Would you let microbots work on your car?

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