The ‘Fast & Furious 9’ set looks like a war zone

Watch out, “Land Before Time” and “James Bond.” “Fast & Furious” is gearing up to make a run at the record for the most movies from one franchise. The first spinoff, “Hobbs & Shaw,” comes out this summer, and “Fast & Furious 9” is set for a spring 2020 debut. Vin Diesel recently provided a super-brief first look at the set of the ninth installment of the most bombastic car story ever made. 

There are only a few details about “FF9” thus far. We know Jordana Brewster is returning. John Cena is joining the franchise. Baby Brian will make his debut as young boy. Part of the movie is being shot in London. Michelle Rodriguez has short hair now. And the official release date is May 22, 2022. That’s about it.

While filming in England, Vin Diesel has been using his Instagram to provide quick updates and to show his gratefulness for continuing the Fast series. In addition to a video with Brewster and Baby Brian, he posted a clip of what resembles a war scene. Tyrese and Ludacris pop up in the video, both equipped for battle with bullet-proof vests and guns. There’s also what appears to be a Dodge Charger widebody, a vintage motorcycle, and the wreckage of a passenger plane in the background.

Diesel has posted numerous updates throughout the first week of filming, and we expect that to continue. Check out the first couple below and follow his account for more behind-the-scenes footage.

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