This honest ad for insurance is sad because it’s true

Remember Roger? Last time we met, he wanted to sell you a car, and he wasn’t interested in playing any games to make that happen. Because you need a car, and you’re going to have to buy it from somebody, so it may as well be Roger. Well, now he’s back, and this time he wants to sell you some insurance.

Thing is, selling insurance sounds a lot like selling cars. While most people pretty much need a car to survive, those same people are legally obligated to carry insurance in order to drive that car. And that means Rog – sorry, Roger – doesn’t really need to mince words in this satirical video, either. So, instead, our good friend dons a cape and acts like the insurance-selling hero that he clearly is. And if you don’t like it, well, too bad. You need to buy insurance anyway. Because, as Roger says, “If you don’t buy it, you’re doing a crime.”

As before, Roger is in reality just an actor. So is the little girl, and so is the CGI hamster. This is the second video in the “Honest Ads” series created by Cracked that we’ve shared, and both of them are equal parts funny and sad… because they’re true. You’re going to pay a bunch of money for insurance over the course of your life, and ‘you may get some of it back, depending on what happened’ at some point in the future, under what will most likely be terrible circumstances. It’s a fact of life. So, you may as well stop fretting about it and watch the video above. If you can’t fix the system, why not at least laugh at it?

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