This Mercury Cyclone is an American Muscle Car in Norway

The picturesque Norwegian countryside certainly doesn’t seem like the natural stomping grounds for a 1969 Mercury Cyclone, but owner Alexander Brevik makes the odd combo look like an ideal match. Even with the beautiful surroundings, Brevik sees no need to enjoy the scenery; he’d much rather just be driving this vintage muscle car. Take a ride with him in the latest clip from Petrolicious.

Like many of us, Brevik’s automotive obsession started at childhood, and today he has amassed a multitude of projects to wrench on. While he loves working on all of these cars, we all need a break sometimes, and that’s what the Cyclone is for. Even when the rest of his collection isn’t running, this orange beauty is always ready to go.

Brevik may not pay much attention to the landscape, but Petrolicious makes the muscle car look fantastic in the Norwegian woods nonetheless. With its rumbling V8 engine and three-speed manual, this Cyclone turns out to be a perfect cruising companion in the Land of the Midnight Sun. And if you just can’t get enough of classic muscle cars and the people who love them, check out our video coverage of the 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit down below.

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