Watch a semi truck tear up a runaway vehicle ramp

If you ever wondered what a big tractor trailer looked like flying up a runaway vehicle ramp, today’s your day. We’ll preface this story by telling you that nobody was killed or injured, but the video sure is terrifying. The footage was initially spotted by Jalopnik, and it comes from Jesse Terrell’s Facebook page.

Driving away from Denver, it’s obvious this truck is struggling the second we see it in the frame. There’s visible smoke billowing up from the back, and the person who spotted it said it was traveling over 80 mph in the downhill section seen here. Bye-bye, brakes. The trucker appears to have their flashers on and moves over to the runaway truck ramp as soon as possible. Thankfully, none of the other vehicles are in the way, and then it starts to get interesting.

The truck enters the dirt run-off hill at full speed and starts pounding up the mountain, kicking up a ridiculous amount of dirt. Watch the video to get the full effect, but this truck is absolutely booking it up the hill, wavering side-to-side a bit before finally coming to a rest way up there.

At one point you start to question whether the hill is actually tall or steep enough to bring the 40,000 pounds of metal to a halt, but it stops with room to spare. So there you have it. Time to check watching a truck legitimately use an escape road off the bucket list. The local Fox news station in Denver that reported on the story provided a few more details about the incident. A Colorado state trooper told them that there are “no fees” for using the runaway ramp, and that they truly do want truckers to use them. Getting the truck off the ramp is the expensive part, as getting towed out of a runaway ramp reportedly costs $ 4,000-$ 10,000.

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