What’s the best way to defrost your windshield?

One of the most frustrating parts of winter driving can be the interminable wait for your fogged windshield to clear, especially when you’re already in a hurry. Even with the defroster blowing gale force winds, the process still seems to take too long. Science comes to the rescue to solve the problem in this video – host Mark Rober knows the recipe to cut the delay in getting on the road by more than half.

Watch the video above to learn Rober’s specific trick, but his tactic includes some surprising steps like turning on the air conditioning and cracking the windows. Rather than just letting viewers go by faith, he also offers some scientific reasons for why this is the optimal way to clear foggy windshield faster. If you’re still impatient, he thinks the old trick of using a sock full of kitty litter might help, and he explains why wiping the glass with shaving cream could work, too. These simple strategies might be worth a try next time a cold day has you running late.

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