Who knew a 1,200-hp GT-R could be so lovely?

The proliferation of 4K cameras and displays is bringing the world some utterly fantastic automotive videos. If you like seeing Jeff Zwart powering up the Pikes Peak course in high-def glory but wish for some hugely powered Nissan GT-Rs in place of the turbocharged Porsche, then this clip shouldn’t be missed. Japanese magazine Motorhead brought together a 1,200-horsepower, HKS-tuned R35 GT1000 and an earlier R32 GT-R Group A racer to send them through a tight, mountain road.

The clip uses an augmented reality aesthetic to place little pieces of info about the car, driver, and emotions over the scenes, while the coupes are blasting through the forest. The real highlight here is the cinematography and sound. Turn up your speakers to get an earful of the GT-R’s gasoline-fueled heart. The cameras mounted on driver Nobuteru Taniguchi turn the world outside the car into an impressionistic blur of green as the trees smear together at such high speeds. The combination of sight and sound offers a fantastic sense of speed.

The only, tiny problem with this clip is that the preamble before the coupes thunder off is just a bit too long. If you need an extra minute in your day, skip straight to 1:15 to get immediately to the action. Although, missing the beginning means not seeing an inky black GT-R driving through the Japanese night. According to Speedhunters, the video is meant to promote the theme for Motorhead‘s latest issue – Japan Tuned. The magazine apparently comes even more video of the two cars playing on the mountain.

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