A resident says the damage from Hurricane Dorian is ‘worse than what anyone on Earth could have expected’

Gov. Roy Cooper issued a mandatory state evacuation order today for vulnerable coastal areas of North Carolina. Hurricane Dorian is expected to bring powerful and dangerous wind and rain to the state later this week.

The evacuation order, effective at 8 a.m. ET Wednesday, Sept. 4, applies to barrier islands along the entire coast, from the Virginia line to the South Carolina line, the governor’s office said in a news release Tuesday afternoon.

“Please listen to and follow all evacuation orders. We have seen the life and death effects of this storm in the Bahamas, and we urge everyone on the islands at the coast to leave,” Cooper said.

Yesterday, Cooper requested a federal emergency declaration for North Carolina ahead of the storm. If granted, this will make federal aid available to the state and its residents for preparation and relief efforts.  

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