Driver plotted to kill U.S. airman

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  • Delivery driver plotted to stage a traffic accident, use a knife to kill service member, prosecutors say
  • Junead Khan and uncle Shazib Khan also convicted of plotting to join ISIS in Syria, authorities say

Junead Khan was convicted in Kingston Crown Court of preparing terrorist acts, according to the British Crown Prosecution Service.

He planned to stage a car crash near a U.S. or Royal Air Force military base, then attack a U.S. airman with a knife, according to Commander Dean Haydon, head of the Counterterrorism Command for London’s Metropolitan Police.

“He’d also researched and planned on how to make a pressure cooker bomb,” Haydon said. “We think that that bomb was going to be detonated if he was compromised by police either before or during the actual attack.”

The court also convicted Khan and his 23-year-old uncle, Shazib Khan, of preparing to travel to Syria to join ISIS.

UK police preparing for ‘enormous’ potential ISIS attacks, British terror chief says

According to prosecutors, the two men plotted to join ISIS between August 2014 and July 2015. Junead Khan, however, changed his mind and shifted to planning terrorist acts in Great Britain.

At one point, the men drove around London videotaping locations such as the Prime Minister’s residence, Parliament and London’s main war memorial for a video titled “ISIS drives around Westminster.”

The convictions come less than two weeks after a London court convicted four men in an ISIS-inspired plot to kill service members on the streets of London, according to prosecutors.
In 2013, two men hacked British soldier Lee Rigby to death after hitting him with a car on a London street. They said the killing was “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” in retribution for the killing of Muslims.
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