Firefighters say Notre Dame’s stone construction and main works of art were saved after the 9-hour fire

French newspapers are predictably dominated by images of the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral ablaze and swathed in smoke on Monday evening.

Le Monde released a special edition of its paper as the cathedral — the name of which translates to “Our Lady” — became engulfed in fire. “Our Lady, our history,” their front-page headline reads, alongside a poignant picture of a boat passing by on the Seine as the historic building burns.

Our Tragedy” reads the front page of Libération, which features a photograph of the dramatic moment when the Cathedral’s gothic spire collapsed.

A similar image adorns the front page of local newspaper Le Parisien, alongside the headline “Our Lady of Tears.” The paper is owned by LVMH, the fashion conglomerate whose CEO, Bernard Arnault, earlier pledged a €200 million ($ 226 million) donation to help fund rebuilding efforts.

French Catholic newspaper La Croix also showed the spire’s collapse on its front page, accompanied by the moving headline: “The heart in ashes.” – RSS Channel – HP Hero

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