GOP lawmakers hope Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison will poke holes in the Democratic case for impeachment

Alex Edelman/Getty Images
Alex Edelman/Getty Images

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said today that hopefully the Senate will work its way through “not too lengthy of a process” of a Senate impeachment trial. But he reiterated that it’s still too early for discussions about how the trial process will be carried out.

He spoke to reporters at a stakeout after the weekly policy lunches.

“It’s way too early to scope out or announce how we might handle impeachment,” McConnell said in response to a reporter question about some of his Republican colleagues asking to call witnesses to the Senate that the House decides not to call. 

He continued: “We’re all having what-if discussions, but I think just laying out very hypotheticals now is not helpful.” 

On how impeachment will first proceed in the House of Representatives, McConnell said, “The House is going to do what the House is going to do, and when they get through, as you all know, it comes over here, displaces all the business, and will be on it until senators decide it’s time to reach a conclusion.” 

He noted that if a trial happens in the Senate that a number of Democrats running for president will have to participate as jurors.

“A number of Democratic senators are running for president. I’m sure they’re going to be excited to be here in their chairs not being able to say anything” during the trial.

So hopefully, we’ll work our way through it and finish it, and not too lengthy of a process,” McConnell said. – RSS Channel – HP Hero

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