Hurricane Dorian threatens Puerto Rico with floods and landslides and is on a course to pummel the US coast

Puerto Rican Congresswoman Jenniffer Gonzalez responded to President Trump’s tweet about “yet another big storm” heading to the island, saying “We don’t choose our hurricanes,” during an interview with WAPA TV.

Gonzalez was asked about this tweet:

Here’s how she responded:

“We don’t choose our hurricanes. We don’t call ourselves, we don’t wake up and say, ‘come over here.’ God decides that, nature decides that. We are in the Caribbean, this is a route for hurricanes and storms.”

Gonzalez insisted that, to date, the island has received less than that amount.

“The President identified $ 92 billion over the course of a 10-year period. What has been identified, voted on by the house and senate is $ 42.5 billion of which only 13 has been awarded to Puerto Rico. What was voted on and agreed upon, was $ 42.5 billion,” according to Gonzalez. – RSS Channel – HP Hero

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