Maine’s governor confirmed the firefighter’s death. Several people were hurt in the Farmington, Maine explosion

Jacob Gage
Jacob Gage

Jacob Gage, who lives in Farmington, was in bed with his daughter when the explosion went off, he told CNN.

“The building shook with a thunderous boom and we lost power,” he said. “At first I thought someone had driven into the building so I went outside to look and didn’t see or hear any signs of what it could have been.”

He said he called his mom, since his stepfather is a firefighter and an employee of the town of Farmington.

“My stepdad was first on scene after the explosion,” he told CNN. “The scene was very ominous. There was still insulation falling from the sky like a gentle snow and first responders were running around trying to administer first aid … .”

Here’s what it looked like:

Jacob Gage
Jacob Gage – RSS Channel – HP Hero

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