Officials: Chemical strike in Iraq town

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  • The rockets with chemical substances were fired in a residential part of the northern Iraqi town of Taza, officials say
  • The U.S. claims to have captured an ISIS operative involved in ISIS’ chemical weapons program a few weeks ago
  • They launched airstrikes based on info he’s provided, but terrorists have continued their attacks as well

The attacks caused an unspecified number of casualties from suffocation, burns and dehydration.

Taza, which has a predominantly Shiite Turkmen population, is located about 12 miles (20 kilometers) south of Kirkuk.

A U.S. Special Operations team captured a senior ISIS operative involved in chemical weapons about three weeks ago. Several officials have said U.S.-led warplanes have since conducted airstrikes targeting chemical weapons sites based on information provided by this man, who has been identified as Sleiman Daoud Al-Bakkar.

His capture, however, has not stopped alleged chemical attacks by ISIS or other terrorists associated with the Islamist militant group.

Earlier this week, for instance, officials in Iraq’s Kirkuk province claimed that around 100 people were injured in suspected chemical attack, also in Taza.

Pictures from that attack showed victims with swollen eyes and skin burns. – Top Stories

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