The President rallies in Minnesota after signing an executive order ending family separation

President Trump, speaking at a roundtable in Minnesota tonight, blasted the United States’ immigration laws, calling them “horrible.”

“We have the weakest, most pathetic immigration laws anywhere in the world,” Trump said. “Nobody has laws like we do.”

Trump’s remarks come hours after he signed an executive order that he said would keep undocumented immigrant families together when they are detained at the southern border.

Trump, at the roundtable, said his administration is looking at creating immigration laws that are both strong and compassionate.

“We have to have strong borders. Totally strong. We can’t put up with the nonsense. At the same time we’re doing it with compassion,” he said. “I think that’s probably a very important thing to be doing.”

He suggested he would tie North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations with Mexico to an insistence that Mexico do more to stop migrant flows to the US.

“We have to have control of our borders,” he said. “Once we lose our borders, we lose our country. We don’t have a country.”

The President said Minnesota, where he was speaking, had seen many problems with illegal immigration, and said one of the reasons he “almost” won the state was his tough immigration stance.

Trump will be speaking at a campaign rally in Duluth later tonight.

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