The President told leaders in the meeting that the public is watching and acknowledged photos of family separation are not good, a source in the room says

Rep. Mark Meadows, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, said the President endorsed both immigration bills, but it was clear that he was backing the compromise bill. 

“I think he was supportive of the compromise bill, he said he was behind it 1,000%, now whether that meant he was behind the compromise bill 1,000% or behind whatever we can pass 1,000%, either or, you can see it both ways, but he’s certainly supportive of both bills,” Meadows said, adding he was talking about things that are only in the compromise bill, so it was clear he backs it.”

“I think it gives some members certainly cover to vote for a bill that might give them a little bit of a gut check,” he said. 

But he didn’t say he guaranteed passage. 

“There’s not a whole lot of room for error,” Meadows said, noting you have a handful of members on either side who are going to be opposed no matter what. 

The House compromise bill — the more moderate of two House immigration proposals — will include a revised provision to address family separation, according to a House Republican source familiar with negotiations.

He did say Trump may have changed some minds. 

“Based on my discussions with some of the members on the floor, I think there were members who were leaning no that are now leaning yes.” – RSS Channel – HP Hero

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