Trump’s allies are coming to his defense after he intervened in Roger Stone’s sentencing. Democrats say the President is using the DOJ as a ‘personal law fim.’

Roger Stone is a lifelong political advisor, who, as a result of the Mueller investigation, was found guilty of seven counts, including obstruction of Congress, lying to Congress and witness tampering.

His lengthy career in politics dates back to the Nixon era and even inspired a Netflix documentary titled, “Get Me Roger Stone.”

Although the Trump campaign reportedly fired Stone from the campaign in 2015, he claimed to have knowledge about Wikileaks dumps during the rest of the 2016 campaign.

Many people called into question the relationship between the President and Stone when FBI Director James Comey was fired, although the President claimed he had not talked to Stone about it.

Prosecutors originally asked a federal judge to sentence Stone to seven to nine years for his crimes. On Tuesday, the DOJ updated its sentencing recommendation and asked for “far less” prison time. Stone is scheduled to be sentenced on February 20. – RSS Channel – HP Hero

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